Provide them with up-to-date information in their working environment with interactive video walls

Agile approach is a must in your industry. To be the leader. To survive in a long-term.

  • You've invested a lot in it. Into people, their education, changing their minds, hiring the new one etc.
  • You've introduced new organization structure, processes, tools...
  • But the flow of information is still not as straightforward as you would like to.
  • May be the "Agile Wall" - interactive video wall compatible with various agile tools placed in your "war room" can be the missing piece of the game.

Agile Boards Everywhere is an universal cloud based schema drawer with large number of templates for non only Agile, Scrum, Lean and Kanban, but also for user story maps, mind maps, UX, business model canvas etc., see:

Because of could the schema are easily shared across distributed teams, view able not only at desktops but also mobile phones. Connectors to JIRA, MS Teams, GDrive and others further enhance the tool's value.

Do you want to see the Miro in action? This is the Miro board for our "Agile Wall" project ;-)

Ready to Use Interactive Video Wall

Displax TILE is

  • highly configurable video wall with integrated touch functionality,
  • supporting various operating systems with HID standard,
  • professional, reliable solution suitable for 24x7 operation,
  • easy to install to various surfaces,
  • 1 - unlimited number of screens,
  • selected by rAVe as the best New Collaboration Accessory at ISE 2019.

BONUS: Besides schema for work handled in Miro, is it possible to run e.g. Tetris Parallel Challenge on the wall after the lunch?? Sure... ;-)

Our Favorite "Agile" Sources

Agile approach is applied in many industries - from banking via IT to manufacturing. There are our key sources for WHY, HOW and WHEN:

WHY - Tribal Leadership

HOW - Scrum: The Art of Doing Twice the Work in Half the Time

WHEN - Wardley Maps - Topographical intelligence in business

Digital posters are not only about "screens instead of papers". Their potential of improving efficiency is much wider and undiscovered.

BONUS TIP - New Business Potential of Digital Posters

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Roman Řípa - Agile Wall





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